Digital Ceramic Technologies is the premier North American distributor of Ceramic Toners and Digital Ceramic Printer systems. DCT is a natural extention of our other businesses of making custom ceramic tile, porcelain memorial photos and other ceramic products. We have a combined 35 years of experience producing everything from single accent tiles to tableware and mugs to giant public art projects to signage for national restaurant chains and everything in between. We have used sublimation, direct screening and decaling. Through the use of these other methods we have realized that digital ceramic printing is by far the most versatile, most advanced and most cost effect ceramic decoration method.

Prior to meeting, the founders of DCT had each purchased a German toner based digital ceramic printing system. Neither purchase ever lived up to expectations in quality, ease of use or support after the sale. One of the systems worked for less than a month before becoming inoperable and has not been able to be used since. The other was only successful after being converted away from the German toners. It was at this point that our digital ceramics printing began to turn around as we could finally produce high quality, low cost decals consistantly. We then realized that we wanted to be more involved with what we consider to be World's most avanced ceramics system.

Before starting Digital Ceramic Technologies, we discussed at length how we would be different from our competition.

1) We will offer high quality training classes. This training will be intensive, not just a quick summary of the system. We will show you how to print and apply decals, and then watch you do it. We will show you shortcuts and how to solve common problems as well as what it takes to be successful in producing custom ceramics.

2) We will offer world class support. You don't only have problems between 8 and 5 Monday
through Friday, so those aren't the only hours we are available for help. After hours our main phone rolls over
to mobile phones, so you can get help when you need it. Our support is not only for our products
but for your business as a whole.

3) For shipments we stock all of the supplies you need in our warehouse in the U.S.A. There is no need to pay fees to wire transfer payment and wait forshipments from overseas while paying inflated shipping
prices and customs duties.

4) We will sell fairly priced systems and consumables because our long term success is based on
you being successful and profitable.