We are doing a lot of experimenting with fused glass and decals. We are getting some great results. The toner and printing process is the same as ceramics. Application and firing are different.
This is a 3' x 5' plaque outlining the history of a historic building in San Francisco, California.
This is a project from Ron Holthuysen of Scientific Art Studio, Richmond California. This project was for Kaiser Permanente. These were historic photos that we fired into tile. Ron and his staff then cut the tile to the outline of the picture and assembled them. There are 3 layers of tile to give the sculptures dimension.
We recently printed decals for 1300 tiles for a Public Art project in San Diego, California.

We made these plaques for the City of Phoenix to replace bronze plaques which had been stolen.
This is a sign we created for a local community in Arizona.
We created this plaque for the Friends of Penbroke which was donated to the City in 2012.
This is an address plaque that we created for a historic home.
Here is another address plaque that was made for a different historic home.
A local Phoenix artist asked us to create a two foot by two foot tile mural of his artwork titled
"The Tree Of Life".
We donated this wall to the Ronald McDonald house facility. This piece consists of a combination of our Digital Printing process and water-jetted tiles which made the final product three dimensional. It won a National Award for the Most Creative Donor Wall.
Using our Digital Printing technology we were able to create this beautiful Wedding Platter which permanantly affixed the happy couples wedding invitation onto a food and dishwasher safe plate.
This is a Memorial Plaque that was created with the use of high resolution digital images.
Here are two more examples of the types of images that can be placed onto ceramic or porcelain using Digital Ceramic Printers.